What Comic-Con Teaches Us About Design and Branding

135,000 fans from 80 countries gather at the 50th Comic-Con in San Diego

We communicate in stories. Storytelling has been around as long as our species has existed. From paintings on cave walls in Lascaux, to hieroglyphics in ancient Egypt, to radio dramas like “War of the Worlds” that cause city-wide panic, to the fantastical Game of Thrones television series on HBO, stories impart culture, history, information, and … Read more »

Updates from the Front Lines


Hello and happy new year! Yes, we know we’re late to the game in New Year’s greetings but we’ve been more than a little busy. Here are some updates…   Establishing Institutional Trust in Crypto By mid-2018, nearly $1.7 billion in cryptocurrency had been stolen by way of hacks, security breaches, and even kidnappings. While … Read more »

New Work: Brand Identity and Websites for Sciath Group

Logo for Sciath Smart Industries

The financial sector is often riddled with boring, staid brand identities meant to convey trust and stability. As a private investment firm, Sciath Group operates in a variety of industries, and is nimble enough to see opportunities in new spaces, such as blockchain and other so-called “smart industries.” The word sciath is Old Irish and … Read more »

New Work: Brand Identity and Website for BlockSquared Consulting

BlockSquared Consulting

Blockchain is one of the few paradigm-shifting technologies to come in a long time. It has enabled new currencies untethered to central banks. It has powered smart contracts enabling full transparency within an ecosystem. And blockchain has unlocked an important new capital funding source for burgeoning businesses. BlockSquared Consulting believes in blockchain and its immense … Read more »

New Work: Brand Identity for SilverAnt

We now live in a world where paper maps are gone, “GPS” is a commonly understood term, and people rely on geolocation services to help them navigate their world. However, this is all limited to the outdoors. SilverAnt wants to make people’s lives better by bringing that same location and positioning service indoors. SilverAnt is … Read more »

The 4 Critical Pages You Need In Your Website

Write content for new website visitors as if you're on a first date…

In early August 1991, a British scientist named Tim Berners-Lee at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), flipped on the switch to the world’s first website. More than a quarter-century after that very first webpage came online, we have done the hard work of figuring out how websites are supposed to function, and more … Read more »