Helping a B2B SaaS startup grow up fast

Old industries are hard to disrupt. Construction and building management are a couple of the oldest ones that are just starting to see how software can revolutionize their industry.

Convex makes a data-driven sales platform for HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) salespeople. Eighty percent of existing buildings in the United States could use an upgrade. But selling new equipment and even maintenance contracts to building owners is hard. Convex seeks to change that by innovating in the commercial HVAC maintenance and services market, building solutions specifically for the category.

To help Convex grow from a scrappy startup to one that should be paid attention to, Wong.Digital designed and developed a cohesive brand identity, along with a website and associated marketing materials, to help put Convex on the map.

Convex — Logo Sketches
Convex — Brand-1
Convex — Brand-2
Convex — Brand-3
Convex — Brochure-1
Convex — Brochure-2

A brochure was designed to be used as a leave-behind for sales meetings

We revamped Convex’s website to utilize the new design, establishing their credibility as a professional B2B SaaS product

Convex — Website
Convex — Website-1
Convex — Website-2
Convex — Website-3

We created a custom app icon based on their logo

Convex — App Icon
Convex — Business Card

Business cards were designed to help with establishing their credentials and professionalism to prospects

Trade show banners were developed to help with their messaging at conferences

Convex — Trade Show Banner

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