Building a ground-breaking VR product

Virtual reality has huge potential to transform our lives. While gaming and entertainment are the predominant use cases, the potential of practical applications is immense. Real estate is such an application. Enter Transported.

Without years of prior interaction conventions, VR is the Wild West of user experiences. Roger was on the founding team of Transported. As the UX and design lead, he helped create the product from concept, to spec, to shipping a VR app, desktop-based tour-building app, and website.

Early iterations

Video shows the consumer experience in action.

Creators of VR tours used a desktop-based tour-building application to import, link, and publish their scenes.

Bespoke icons were designed for the applications and website.

The website served two purposes: To market the Transported solution to real estate agents and photographers, and to function as the web app to manage and serve tours.

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