New Work: Brand Identity and Websites for Sciath Group

The financial sector is often riddled with boring, staid brand identities meant to convey trust and stability.

As a private investment firm, Sciath Group operates in a variety of industries, and is nimble enough to see opportunities in new spaces, such as blockchain and other so-called “smart industries.”

The word sciath is Old Irish and means shield (as a noun), and to protect and defend (as a verb). We used the etymology of the word as inspiration, researching Celtic shield shapes, designs, and ancient lettering.

Old Celtic shields
Old Irish and Celtic typography

Wong.Digital created a family of logos for three of the Sciath companies: Sciath Group, the parent brand; Sciath Capital, the funding arm; and Sciath Smart Industries, the technology company. The shield, typography, and color palette serve as the overall brand’s DNA, while each company has a unique mark and look and feel.

From there we designed and developed three websites, each unique but related to the overall brand.

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