Website development process

When we take on a website design and development project, we will generally follow the steps below.


1. Checklist

First we make sure we have everything we need to begin the project. This includes all the technical details for your domain and current hosting (if applicable), plus all your requirements, and the creative brief.

Information Architecture

2. Information Architecture

Next we need to understand all your content and organize your site’s information into a hierarchical and meaningful structure. This is so that users can find what they need, where they expect to find it. This is communicated visually in a sitemap, which will show how all the different pages of your website are related to each other.


3. Design

The design phase is when we take all the input from the creative brief and apply it to the visual design of your website. We’ll start off by giving you a look and feel on just one page—likely your homepage—and then we’ll move on to a couple other sample pages to round out the design system. We’ll take this system and apply it to the rest of the pages in Development.


4. Development

The next phase is when our coders start ingesting copious amounts of Jolt cola so they can combine the interactive prototype and UI developed by our designers into a real functioning website.


5. Launch

Finally we hit the launch sequence. Here we will go through a rigorous QA and testing process to make sure your new website looks great on screens of all sizes. Our extensive pre-launch checklist helps us ensure that everything is hooked up properly and then finally, your new website will be live.

Video Training

6. Training

After your new website is launched and live, we will schedule a training so that you know how to use your new website.