Brand identity process

When we take on a branding project, we will generally follow this process to design a new logo and brand identity system.


1. Discovery

We will start with a branding questionnaire. We’ll then do a deep dive into your industry, learn about your competitors, and understand where you might find some “white space” where your new brand might fit.

We’ll also develop a creative brief. The brief synthesizes your input from the questionnaire and our research to form a design strategy. This creative brief will be the guiding strategy for the brand identity and be the foundation for our project.


2. Logo Concepts

This is where the fun really begins. We will come up with dozens of ideas internally, but show you the best select few, usually three to five concepts. These logos will be presented in black and white so that you can focus on their forms without the distractions of color. You will choose one or two concepts for us to refine, but the goal is to ultimately pick one to move onto the next phase.

Brand Expression

3. Stylization and Look & Feel

Once we have a logo concept locked, we will explore different colors, fonts, and ways of rendering your logo. We will also explore different ways of expressing your brand, beyond the logo. These will take the forms of color palettes, typography, graphics, photography, and patterns that will complement the logo. We will show you these systems options in various applied situations: posters, T-shirts, ads, business cards, and more. Brand extensions are for example purposes only, but may be explored further in a different branding project scope.

By the end of this process, we will have a new logo design and the beginnings of a larger brand identity system.


4. Production & Documentation

The new logo and brand identity system has been established, and we’re moving into production of brand assets. Logo files will be sent in all necessary file formats, color variations, and dimensions for company use.

Finally, we will write and design brand identity guidelines for you so that current and future employees, vendors, and partners will know how to implement your new brand identity to keep your brand consistent and coherent.